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There are many different types of warrants that a Constable can serve. The two most common are:


Criminal warrants are either Arrest Warrants or Bench Warrants and are issued by a judge or magistrate on behalf of the state, which authorizes the arrest and detention of an individual, or the search and seizure of an individual's property. They can be served or enforced by a Pennsylvania State Constable anywhere in the commonwealth. 


Upon written application by a physician or other responsible party setting forth facts constituting reasonable grounds to believe a person is severely mentally disabled and in need of immediate treatment, the county administrator may issue a warrant requiring a person authorized by him or her, or any peace officer (Constable) to take custody of the named person on the warrant and commit them to a hospital or mental health facility.

If you were notified by my office that you have an outstanding warrant for your arrest, you are to contact me or the court immediately to resolve the issue. You may have to appear in front of a judge or simply make a monetary payment on a current or old case. A warrant never goes away and ignoring the notices from a court or Constable will only make it worse. Each time to pay on your fines and leave a balance, you are required to keep track of the next payment due and to keep the court informed of any changes to a payment plan. One missed payment and another warrant is issued, often times coming with another Constable which includes more fees. For this reason, I always suggest paying your fines off in one lump sum and not owing the court money. If you did not receive a notice from my office, please do not contact me, instead contact the local magistrate in your area. They will be able to tell you who contacted you.


If you received a notice for an individual that does not live at your address but you know them, please advise them of the warrant and give them my contact information. 

If you received a notice for someone and you'd like to give me an anonymous tip of the defendant's whereabouts, please contact me by email, text, or phone. Your information will be kept confidential. 

If you have a CRIMINAL

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