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Process Service and Subpoenas

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You've Been Served!


There are many ways to serve someone with custody, divorce, civil, or subpoena papers,

and using a Constable can be the most effective form. Below are types of service and how the process works.

 Process Service

Process service is legally notifying an individual or party of their involvement in a court proceeding. This is completed by delivering the defendant various types of legal documents via mail and hand delivery by a process server or Law Enforcement Officer such as myself. There are many ways to serve someone, but using a Constable is professional and usually results in the recipient answering the door or responding to notification that papers are waiting for them. Depending on the case and certain circumstances surrounding it, it is a definite sign that you mean business having a Constable provide the service. Throughout the Tri-State area and across the commonwealth, I will accurately deliver your subpoenas, writs, summons, complaints, and more to the intended party so your case can continue as scheduled. You will be kept up to speed of the progress and provided with an Affidavit of Service to present to the courts showing the service was performed. There are different levels of service and they are done in different time frames. Each has their own cost and options.


When you need a subpoena served to notify someone that they are ordered to appear at a court hearing, you want the best possible option and that's a Law Enforcement Officer. A subpoena is a very serious document signed by a Judge and the recipient can be held in contempt for now showing up. When a Constable shows up to serve a subpoena, people know we mean business and it's a matter of importance. I will make every attempt to serve the subpoena in the timeliest manner and can provide excellent skip tracing options for you if the address provided does not work. My jurisdiction is statewide and often times, a Constable like myself can get into buildings and businesses easier than a regular civilian process server. Whether you are an individual, law firm, or court, you can rest assured that you have chosen the right avenue to have your subpoenas served by using me.

Skip Tracing

Skip tracing is a tool often used by Law Enforcement, Private Investigators, Collection Agencies, or anyone else needing to find someone. In process service, it is used either when an address is bad or no known last address is known. I use various databases to find a good location to serve the evasive defendants. It is advisable to do as much research on your own before hiring me to save yourself money and there are many apps and areas on the internet that can help you do that easily. My expertise and years of experience in this service allows me to take on even the toughest serves. If another company has failed in finding your defendant, you can count on me to get the job done.

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