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A Constable can be hired to provide Peace Keeping while you retrieve your belongings from a former residence or business. If there is an "Order of Court" signed by a Judge, we can enforce it.

I recommend that there ALWAYS be an Order of Court signed by a judge or Agreement between the parties either through attorneys or privately. If there is something in writing, it's better for everyone. Below are the 3 common types of situations.

Parties Agree
No PFA Involved

If you and the party residing at the residence where you want to retrieve your belongings get along, are civil,  or are communicating with no court orders in effect, but you want a Constable there to make sure things go smoothly, you can hire me to be there for Peace Keeping for an hourly fee plus mileage. Before you call me, please understand that as a Constable, I cannot force someone to give you your property that they are holding without a court order. It is advisable that you have a detailed list of the belongings that you want and that both parties understand what is to be taken from the property. I will request that list from you in advance of meeting you at the address of retrieval. Also keep in mind that either party can be arrested for creating a disturbance of the peace, regardless of who hires me.

Parties Disagree
No PFA Involved

In this situation, if you and the other party cannot agree on what is to be removed from the property, I would strongly advise you to contact the local District Justice to file a civil case to get an Order of Court that a Constable can enforce. If you hire me to show up and keep the peace without an Order of Court, the other party does NOT have to let you on the property or give you anything. I will NOT be a mediator or get in the middle of any domestic dispute. With an Order of Court, the other party has to give you the belongings that you want, provided there is a detailed list that the Judge signs off on. There is an hourly fee plus mileage that is to be paid in advance.


Anytime there is a PFA or NO CONTACT ORDER, a Law Enforcement Officer must be present for the Defendant to be on the property to retrieve any belongings. I suggest that the Defendant NEVER goes to the property, but enlists the help of a mutual friend or family member to show up instead, preferably someone that is NOT going to antagonize the situation. You can give me names of a few people that the Plaintiff may approve of and I can contact the Plaintiff to set it up, for a non-refundable $25 fee. I will advise you of the approval or denial. If you cannot find anyone to go in your place, you may be there (If the Plaintiff agrees) but keep in mind, you can NOT have any contact with the Plaintiff. All communication MUST go through the Constable. There is an hourly fee plus mileage that is to be paid in advance.

NOTE: Anyone who directly or indirectly violates a PFA or NO CONTACT ORDER, will immediately be arrested and taken into custody, and charged appropriately.

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