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Here are the following ways you can contact me


If you were contacted by my office stating that a WARRANT has been issued for you, you need to contact me or the court IMMEDIATELY to resolve it. Failure to do so may result in your being taken into custody and brought before the court, incarcerated, or both. You can be picked up anywhere.....on the street, home, work, anywhere. There are several ways to resolve the warrant so do not delay.

1. You can contact me directly by phone 412-345-8055 or email during my office hours of M-F 9-5.

2. You can contact the court to resolve it. If you need the court's contact information, I can give it to you.

3. You can go online to to enter the warrant information and pay the fines (if there are fines required to be paid)




1. If you received a letter or postcard from my office and you do NOT know the defendant, please contact me to let me know. I will do my best to update the court's records, but be advised that your address may continue to be used if I believe the Defendant has ties to that address. The more information you can give or disclose, the better.


2. If you received a letter or postcard from my office and you DO know the Defendant or their whereabouts, please contact the Defendant IMMEDIATELY and refer them to my office or contact me yourself with information on how I can reach or find the Defendant if you do not want to be involved. Your information will be kept strictly confidential.


My office hours (for the purpose of contacting me) are Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm, closed on WEEKENDS and ALL holidays. 

You can call or text me at 412-345-8055 or email me at

Most times, documents needing to be served or for the purpose of reference to a case can be emailed rather than mailed. Keep in mind that you are emailing over a public and unsecured server. 

NOTE: ALL information contained within an email or text sent from my office is confidential and intended for the recipient of the email only. Any use of it's contents without my express written permission is a violation of law and the party responsible may be civilly liable and/or be prosecuted.

All correspondences from my office via text, phone, email, or mail are confidential and may not be used or altered in any way. If you have received contact from this office in error, please notify me immediately.

This is an official notice that you are contacting a sworn law enforcement officer and that any or all information received may be used in an investigation to prosecute or convict another person. All information received will be considered confidential, unless requested by another law enforcement agency.

NOTE: Be advised, if you withhold or knowingly provide false information to me, you may be criminally charged for doing so. 

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