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  When it comes to exchanging custody of a minor child or children, there is already enough stress and tension involved between the parents or guardians without worrying about what's going to happen at the time of exchange. A Constable can be hired to be present at the custody exchange and "keep the peace" while parties exchange custody. 

There are limitations on the actions a Constable will take during a Custody Exchange.

A Constable cannot force a minor to go with one parent or the other.
A Constable will not restrain the movement of any person or vehicle.
A Constable will not physically detain any party unless there is a breach of the peace.
A Constable will not resolve disputes during the custody exchange. The parties should bring disputes to the Court that issued the Custody Order at the next court hearing.

Upon request, I will document the exchange or failure to exchange and will be available to serve as a witness in a hearing for an additional charge.

A Constable does not have the right to trespass on private property. I will leave the premises if asked to do so. Likewise, if a party or any other person assisting a party is asked to leave the premises and refuses to leave, that person may be subject to arrest or issuance of a citation/complaint for Criminal Trespass.

A party who willfully fails to comply with the Court Order authorizing the custody exchange may be subject to punishment through civil contempt proceedings.  I will not arrest a party for refusing to complete the custody exchange. However, if a party, or any person assisting a party, engage in unlawful self-help action (trespass, unlawful entry into a residence, building or vehicle, disorderly conduct, or assault) or in any action constituting a criminal offense under Pennsylvania law, that person is subject to arrest and/or issuance of a criminal citation/complaint.




Some of these services are serious and potentially volatile situations and need the right person to handle the situation. I have proven experience handling emotional situations and keeping the peace in many conditions.

Selecting the right person to perform these duties is an important decision. A levelheaded experienced individual can also reduce liability. Choosing a professional representative ensures the job is done correctly.


While I have Pennsylvania state-wide jurisdiction, I try to limit my activities to a 100-mile radius of Washington, PA. I do work with constables in other areas and may be able to refer you to a constable from your area, or for an increased service charge will go outside that area.

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