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Traffic Control is vital to ensuring the safety of the public in many situations and a Constable has full authority to provide, direct, and enforce it.


There are many ways to hire me as a Constable for Traffic Control. Below are examples of how I can be of assistance. Call, text, or email me to get started.

Traffic Assistance to Law Enforcement

If you are a law enforcement agency, borough, township, or city within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and you need assistance in directing traffic for events, construction, or any other type of need, I am available to provide that for you and by statute am authorized to do so. I have many years of experience in this area and am fully insured. 

Traffic Control for Your Event

If you need traffic control for your event, business, church, party, or other need, I can provide such a service. I can also provide other Constables if the event is large and requires more of a presence. Your patrons, friends, family, or other motorists deserve to be able to arrive and depart safely with minimal congestion, so contact me today for a free quote. 

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Traffic Control for Construction

If you are a Construction or Paving company, you more than likely are using your own employees or an outside company to do your traffic control. Using your employees comes with having to deal with possible workers compensation issues and using an outside traffic control company can come with a high price tag. Using a law enforcement officer like a Constable ensures that motorists are more likely to obey traffic control situations and can keep your employees safer, especially in these times where many motorists have no respect for the rules of the road and often times have no driver's license, insurance, or registration to be on the road at all. A Constable can enforce traffic situations and can deal with unruly or negligent motorists a lot better than anyone who is not law enforcement. Using a Constable is also merely an hourly rate without any other worries, so allow me to give you a quote that will satisfy your budget and provide you with excellent service. 

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